When a Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper reached out to get some shots of her little girls in their MJ dresses, I had no idea how perfect this wild flower location would fit with the style. When the family arrived, I was so excited to get these two into the field! This entire family was ADORABLE. But the two little girls stole the show! They couldn't stop laughing with each other which made my job that much easier. 

And even though their baby sister wasn't quite in the mood for pictures at first, they were so sweet with her. 

LO (43 of 70).jpg

They did such a great job that she relaxed and let me capture those beautiful blue eyes. 

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This was such a fun shoot. I loved getting to meet the family, and even though their family portrait didn't come out as good as we hoped (baby blue eyes was a bit fussy), she did enjoy getting some love from her Momma! 

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