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As you can imagine, there are about a bajillion things I could probably say in a blog post that features an adorable little lady, in a beautiful dress (by: Joyfolie), in the middle of a field of sunflowers. So after careful consideration, I have decided to not say much at all.


PSST... Don't forget! Check out the information below on Sunflower Minis to get your family set up with a session at this beautiful out of the way location!

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This is a SHORT NOTICE, SHORT AVAILABILITY situation. The fields bloom whenever mother nature chooses, the fields get muddy when it rains, and the fields only last about 2 weeks. So, we don't have much time.

How Long? 20 Minutes

What do I get? 10-15 high quality (up to poster size in print with no loss) digital images, each edited by hand for the best results. 3 Sunflowers for you to take home. Images hosted on a beautiful Pixieset website album that you can share with friends and family for 90 days. Parking Paid for at the location. Option to print your photos directly through your Pixieset album. And best of all, a Featured blog post right here!

Where's the location? It's Anderson's Sunflower farm in Cumming, GA. I tell you this because I want to make sure my clients understand it's an out of the way location for a unique to the area locale. Because of this, it requires a drive for many. If you have very young children, on strict schedules, please consider the available time slots and how they work with your schedule. I want to deliver beautiful photos of your family, but if time or location don't fit this time, maybe we can set something else up! (Or you can sign up for our email list and know the next time we do our limited mini sessions.)

What's my investment? It's a one time retainer fee of $175 due upon time of booking. This includes everything above, my costs of travel, editing time, web hosting, etc. But it is also the retainer fee which means that it is nonrefundable. Due to the limited availability of these sessions, we cannot offer a refund as it is difficult to recoup the lost income should you cancel. However, I will be glad to apply the investment to another session at ANY time in the future. 

When will you be holding the minis and how many sessions are available? The session times will be shared when you reach out. They will be evening, and they will be in the next week and a half. (Expected close of the fields are probably around the 25th/26th, so before then with time to reschedule if needed.) There will be 5 slots available on two separate nights for a total of 10 available sessions. If there is interest in morning sessions (yay summer break!) I may consider adding a couple morning slots on one day.

How do I sign up? Head over to the CONTACT PAGE and let me know you're interested. I'll respond with available time slots and we can set it up. 

What happens if it rains? Unless it's actively raining during the session times, we will plan to shoot. I encourage everyone to wear appropriate footwear. I will cancel sessions if I arrive (which I will be doing early, at LEAST an hour) and the grounds are absolutely not usable. If this is the case, I will push back the sessions a night or two to allow grounds to dry. If we cannot reschedule due to early closing/extended rain, all customers will be able to apply their investment to a future session of their choice.