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When my wife drove by this field of flowers, she immediately had to call me. "You won't believe this field right down the street from the house. We HAVE to take the girls out there. It'll be MAGIC!"

And that's exactly what it was. 

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I wanted a flower child feel and I think my wife nailed it with their outfits.

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I will be doing just a few mini sessions this weekend to capitalize on this beautiful location before all the flowers are gone. I will be offering just 3 sessions on Saturday and 3 on Sunday morning, scheduled early to coincide with the rising sun and it's beautiful lighting. These mini session will be 25 minutes long, you will receive 8-15 high quality and hand edited digital images, hosted in an online album for you to download and share. 

Email inquiries to THISORIGINALLIFE (AT) GMAIL (DOT) COM  -OR- use our Contact page for an easy to complete form.